domingo, 19 de marzo de 2017

Dedication for the lonely

Ignored, forgotten,neglected,brushed aside
Can really make one hurt inside

You think you can make someone feel you care
Something to show them you see they're there?

The plants can't grow without the sun
Humans can't grow without some love.
It's not a matter of self esteem,
As some high minds might seem to deem,
Just that our God taught us to believe
One for another we must live.

They say you harvest what you sow,
The hidden deeds in silence grow,
And even what we did not do
Will show the fruit in the time due.

Ignored, forgotten, neglected, brushed aside,
Somehow existence left their side?
A glance, acknowledgement, a friendly word
Might mean for someone the whole world.
A greeting, gift, friendship or just respect,
Attention and kindness between us let's not forget.