viernes, 16 de mayo de 2014

Canadian niceness

I'll start a series of impressions now that I've lived here in Montreal for almost 2 months, and I'll write a bit about the "niceness" people in this country are famous for. 
It's true, people here are open, friendly and really nice to people they don't know. You'll hear all day from neighbours, the bus driver, cashier, "Hello, Bonjour, How are you? Bonne journee, Merci, Thank you". It's weird that I consider these things anything but normal. No frowns, no weird looks, no coldness, no being totally distant, no anger. In the building where I live everybody greets everybody. Sometimes they even do small talk. I feel the need to share something really cute that happened this evening. When entering the building with my mother, we entered together with a man and a very small girl, maybe 2-3 years old. We all got into the elevator and the girl was being very talkative and active. After we chose our levels the girl went quickly and pushed the button for a lower level. The man explained to her that it wasn't the correct button and she should have pushed the one from above and then apologized to us laughing because the elevator made one extra stop on the way up. When we got out to our level, the man greeted "Bye" and told the girl "Say bye to your friends" and she said "Bye friends!" :))))) ...Heart warming
May God help Romanians find their way back to warm and open human interaction with new people.