domingo, 6 de diciembre de 2015


For you who could not love a woman
 I'd like to create a woman
Who'd love you like I love
The you I don't even know who.
She'd be just what you need
She'd be the perfect company
She'd make you feel love
For love is what I want to sow in you
That sweet delicate bloom of the soul.
No, you're not in my heart
My heart is inside you.


A face lit by honesty
A forehead of noble intellect
Clear eyes of clean conscience
Two stereophonic ears
For catching the music of the spheres
A nose breathing wonder
Plump cheeks of joy
Soft lips of gentle words
This is the beauty of the soul.

miércoles, 16 de septiembre de 2015


We walk around pretending
That everything is fine
We are struggling, trying
To make belief it is all great
We tell ourselves and convince others
That everything will be sorted out.
Nothing is wrong
And what is wrong is a dream.
And everything is perspective,
That grey cloud is pink
And it won't rain but gold drops,
That sour throat is tickling
And the heart-ache is a whim
The bitter taste is funny
And death is far away.
We think but we don't say
We feel but we don't show.
And all we say and all we do
We're careful it be not true.
Don't say it even in whisper,
Behind the closed door of the heart
The truth is lonely and cannot find anyone.

martes, 1 de septiembre de 2015

enigma for the cowards

Do not show yourself,
Do not look me in the eyes,
Do not tell me the truth,
Do not face me,
I don't have the bravery
To be me
And know you.
As long as you're a riddle
I'm well hidden too.
As long as backs are turned
There cannot be a duel.
But sometimes I feel like breathing in open air
And I would like to give you something true
But then I find that there is nothing I can give you
So all I can do is hide from any view.

domingo, 23 de agosto de 2015


You are a mystery, mister
And like with any mystery I can't apprehend
If you are dark or light,
And like with any mystery I can't understand
This mix of fear and delight
You multiply my shyness by a hundred times
You magnify my bold drive by a hundred miles
You amplify my sorrow by a hundred sighs
And I justify my madness with a hundred lies.
Your eyes do not look at me,
Your eyes pierce through my heart
And so my heart leaks towards you
Why in the world does your presence claim my heart?
Like with any mystery this is the silent part.

jueves, 13 de agosto de 2015

blue moon

I see you, I forget you,
I see you, thought of you,
I forget.
I see you again and again,
The thought of you like a seed.
On a blue moon
The thought of you grows like weed.

viernes, 8 de mayo de 2015

love box

I wish I had a box where I could put everything I ever loved, every person, every animal to every little being, every pleasant memory, every passion, every sacred moment to every tiny sweet second. I wish I could keep them always alive and now, in a timeless eternity, a forever of ever. They could never die or disappear. I could just open the box and there they are. How about the hate, pain, suffering and ugliness? I don't care, let it be, just as long as everything I truly loved will forever be.

lunes, 6 de abril de 2015


I'm a gloomy soul
Spreading gloominess around
Gloominess, no joy
Shadow, no light
Shape, no colour
Rythm, no melody
Science, no poetry
Form, no essence
Thought, no sentiment
Lonely, no love
Discipline, no play
Highway, no way
But I don't want it this way,
So then I start again,
Spreading gloominess around
Pauses, no sound
Silence, no wisdom
Words, no gentleness
Touch, no tenderness
Desires, no meaning
Pretending, deceiving,
No, I don't want it this way,
So then I start again
Spreading gloominess around
My soul lays on the ground,
Oh I don't want it this way
But I have so lost the way
Spreading gloominess around
I must turn around
Until I am found.

miércoles, 25 de marzo de 2015

joy of faith

With or without me,
Whether I see it or not,
No matter what I do or feel,
Beyond my small mind,
I know,
God is there and His love unreturning,
The grass is growing, the birds are flying,
Life is shining, beauty is glowing,
All in His steady Hands,
It is there,
With or without me.

martes, 24 de marzo de 2015

be happy oh please

I can't stand seeing you sad, I can't stand you feeling lonely, or feeling strange, or feeling down, or felling anything of the like, I can't stand any shadow on your soul. I want to see you happy, overtly or hidden, explosive or calm, cheerfulness, joy, peace, happiness in your face, in your eyes, in your smile, in your steps, in your own way, in all your thoughts, in anything, anywhere, in any form and shape, always and forever and ever
That is what I want for you, but there's nothing I can do....

miércoles, 18 de marzo de 2015

your innocence

There are so many things that draw me to you but beyond and above all lies your innocence. Despite your smartness, perspicacity and unexpected moves  my soul feels in you a kind of incomprehensible innocence. You are like untouched white immaculate snow, every time I see its beauty I feel the urge of touching it, stepping into it, digging my hands in it, but then it becomes ruined. You are so wonderful, how much I would like to get closer to you, but my very presence will make your innocence fade away.

lunes, 9 de marzo de 2015

one empty room

Looking through the windows, you  cannot see, an empty room, a broken compass, torn threads, a photo album, a ring and more emptiness. Come inside, I will welcome you, in this empty room I will look for something to give you. In all the corners of my empty room, I will look for something for you. Here is my compass, but it is broken, it will lead nowhere. The threads are good for nothing, maybe the photo album? It is so dusty, you can barely see something. I would give you the ring, but how can I if it's not mine. Don't look around, there is nothing. Just walk freely. After all, in this empty room, the most precious thing is you.