miércoles, 14 de septiembre de 2016

the tempest

I'm not the one to ride a thunder, so why this tempest over me, I thought I never really cared, so why the tears drown my chest, I am the one to look for sunlight, so why this black cloud over me, I thought I had it all in balance, but tempest knocked me off my feet, I'm not the one to search for trouble, I'd choose forever over now, I'd choose the good over the wicked, I'd choose the love over the lust, The only thing I really fear, is I'll get out then get back here.

miércoles, 15 de junio de 2016


The roots of honesty
Go deep in my being
So deep and tangled and thin
That I can barely feel
The sap they get from my conscience
But there is not a good tree making bad fruit
Nor a bad tree making good fruit
And my deeds are rotten
And my spine is broken
My heart spit venom
And blind is the sky of the mind
Being fake not knowing why.
Oh water my roots with the Truth
So that you stop this hurt. 

fooling death

In every second of what you do
Act like a fool
Find meaning in life
You're fooling death
Keep yourself occupied
To fool death
Forget you're alive
That way you can never be dead
Be a zombie
Immerse yourself in your hobby
And surround your life in nothings
One more important than the other
And build with them your tower
To climb from the earth,
From one coffin to another
Slowly and taking time, wasting time or rushing time
You know it races you to death
Be yourself and laugh as immortal
Fool yourself people care about you
Make them, force them see you exist,
They need to make you exist
It doesn't matter they're just fooling death too
People go one by one
Feel sorry and schocked at reality for a second
But at least it wasn't you
You fooled it again didn't you?
Stress, depression, void and struggle
Buldge into those but don't look in the face
Of what you're trying to fool
Far in the tunnel, a dim Light shinning through
Is there such thing as Love, waking the slumber? Who'd give their life for you?
Would you ever too?

martes, 2 de febrero de 2016

Garden of Eden

So here I am
On the other side of happiness
There is a cliff and I cannot pass
I look back and I see happiness
My heart filled with sadness
I now go back
Tainted with my knowledge
Carrying the dirty package
Having tasted ugliness
Hapiness doesn't recognize me anymore
Where are you? Where are you? Nevermore?